ASL Active shares the Prosecco Love

Prosecco Bar at Bolesworth

During the summer months, ASL Active and the Mobile Prosecco Bar are making their mission to fill the glass of the UK population with fizzy Prosecco at a whole host of sporting and family events, including a brand-new event!

ASL Active had the brief of creating a large unique area that was more than just a bar! The Mobile Prosecco Bar’s key objectives were;

  • Create a Bar structure that stood out
  • A Bar that served a range of prosecco’s – including cocktails
  • A Bar that had an atmosphere
  • A Premium feel

To answer this brief, ASL Active created the following:

Prosecco Bar at Bolesworth

Imagine, a big American RV with its own bar with six different types of Prosecco, eight different addable flavours and to top it off five different fruit choices…it’s a Prosecco lovers paradise! The Mobile Prosecco bar was ready to hit the UK and events such as Bolesworth International Horse Show, Car Fest North and Car Fest South.

New for 2018 is a brand new event held near Oxford – Prosecco in the Park (July 20-22, 2018), which features the mobile bar right at the centre. The event will give your average summertime evening a breath of fresh air and is looking to attract prosecco lovers of all ages.

The event will incorporate 2 Prosecco Bars, a gin bar and cocktail bar all to the soundtrack of a live DJ! Event goers will also be able to enjoy the outside cinema that will be showing three films a day with something for everyone.

Prosecco in the Park