ASL Activation represent at the Black Book Motorsport Forum

Members of the ASL Activation and Events team headed to London for the annual Black Book Motorsport Forum. The event hosted a variety of the industry’s most influential minds for a day of high-level discussion and delved into the interesting insights into the world of motorsport business.

The day started with Sean Bratches, Formula One managing director, commercial, presenting the importance of evolving the Formula One fan experience. Other speakers were from IMG Motorsports, Formula E, Mclaren and Porsche Motorsport. Topics throughout the day consisted of fan experiences, driving innovation for the future of motorsports, electric racing, creating value for partnerships, sponsorship, live events and finally the motorsport disruptors.

ASL Active had been selected to be part of a panel of speakers to discuss the challenges, USP’s and what sets events like Arenacross apart from the more traditional events and machines.

Matt Bates, chief executive of ASL Activations and Events, said:

“We’re being led by youngsters because they’re shaping our future, and if you can get them to bring their parents to an event then that’s half the battle. It’s about changing the way our sport is viewed and then offering it to a much wider platform.”

He added:

 “I knew that my product would work if we packaged it right. I used my own family as a model, and I knew that if I entertained them – people who were not motorsport fans – then I was onto something. We’re not trying to be like the likes of NASCAR and F1 but that doesn’t mean we can’t be popular in our own space.”

Matt was clear to highlight that for Arenacross it is important to attract brands with something different, but also something that produces good numbers.

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